Talking Experience

This week on the literature hour, I will be talking about the life changing experiences I’ve had when reading books, as well as what books those are and were. This is probably a weird topic that many wouldn’t expect, but hay, I don’t come up with the assignments, I just write them! So, a life […]

Financial Advice, Part 4

How’s it going everyone? hope your ready to read about me criticizing interest, because its coming! This week, we will be talking about why interest rates are different for different kinds of loans. Alright, now that we are over the boring part, lets get to the fun part where I get mad and vent because […]

Financial Advice, Part 3

Hey guys and gals, today we will be talking about getting fit for less. well first of all, gym memberships are a waste. there is no point in paying $80.00 a month when you could buy a simple workout kit for $45. I myself have discovered that you can build just as much muscle lifting […]

Dialogues and Stuff!

Sup Inklings! XP. we have only one essay this week, unfortunately its English, and I don’t say unfortunately cause I don’t want to do it, but because they are always long and frankly, I GOT STUFF TO DO! hints the part of the title; “and STUFF!”. anyways……. MERRY CHRISTMAS! I know what your gonna say, […]

Contemplating Contrasting!

this week in English I continued through “Persecutor” by Kordakouv. the assignment is to write about how the author of this autobiography uses lots of contrast to thicken his story’s density, lets talk about that! *copyright GMM this week’s chapters focused on the church raids that Kordakouv and his men accomplished. in communist Russia, or […]

Week 17 History essay

hey guys, thought you might want to see some of my old work, this is a paste from 2 years ago, in 7th grade! I couldn’t find any of my other essays from that time, because we’ve moved since then, and we threw away everything, but I wrote this on our computer, so it was […]