Contemplating Contrasting!

this week in English I continued through “Persecutor” by Kordakouv. the assignment is to write about how the author of this autobiography uses lots of contrast to thicken his story’s density, lets talk about that! *copyright GMM

this week’s chapters focused on the church raids that Kordakouv and his men accomplished. in communist Russia, or at the time, it was known as the soviet union, it was illegal to be a Christian, henceforth, the secret police was created to dig out these churches, and raid them during services. they had insiders that would take the beatings that the police gave the congregation to hold cover, and for this, they were paid very high! there is a book series that I read, and it tops the whole “illegal Christianity” thing, it was written by Myrna Grant, the first book is called “Ivan and the Moscow Circus”.

in this autobiography, Kordakouv talks about all the secret church raids, and he compares and contrasts them to things of pretty much, the complete opposite subject, for example, he compares the  fact that vodka is Russia’s curse, but then he says its good for him. its quite confusing, but still interesting. it adds a sort of, well, it makes it unique, every autobiography is a little different it’s perfect little way. there isn’t much to explain, except that he wries his stories all wonky, and every reader enjoys it!




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