Vivid Memories

This week in English, my assignment was to write about my most vivid and loved memory so, your wish is my command, I hope you guys like hearing, or rather, reading about my life!

my most vivid memory is, well, my Gaga. Tammy Joyce Palmer was a beautiful brunette women with a personality like fire. she could stop you in your tracks with a look of pure death, she was quite the disciplinarian, in my opinion. she was the best grandmother ever, but she didn’t want us to call her grandma, she wanted us to call her gaga, cause’ she was only 39, it made her feel old. she was 49 when she passed, to young, but we will get to that later. the real story here, is my 5th birthday, the only thing I really remember about her. I had babbled about it for weeks, but when the day came, it wasn’t as grand as I expected. I woke up, quite excited, with a birthday party planned, and great expectations.

I walked in and found so many donuts, I had and equal amount of heart attacks, and, as it was my birthday, I got 4 donuts, since I was little, I didn’t get sick quite yet. we had a big plan for a party, and I was pumped. people started to arrive around noon, and boy were there a lot of people! I had a big rectangular cake with blue and red icing, and cherries. I remember getting a ben-10 watch toy, and an archeology kit, and so many other toys. everyone left after we played outside games around 6 o’ clock. we put up the massive slip and slide that turned out to be popped, so we didn’t get to blow it up, we just poured soap and water, making it slippery and fun. we cleaned up, and watched my favorite movie, Jurassic Park. 

unfortunately, my Gaga passed away in a motorcycle accident in 2009, God rest her soul, but she is in a better place with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. She is and always will be in are hearts and memories.




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