Week 17 History essay

hey guys, thought you might want to see some of my old work, this is a paste from 2 years ago, in 7th grade! I couldn’t find any of my other essays from that time, because we’ve moved since then, and we threw away everything, but I wrote this on our computer, so it was saved

This week in history I learned about Ferdinand II, and Isabelle I. Ferdinand was the king of Aragon, Spain, and Isabelle was the queen of Castile, Spain. Ferdinand and Isabelle were married but had to rule on different sides of Spain to enforce the law. They were dubbed as “catholic monarchs” because of their juristic belief in Catholicism. They were credited with the unification of Spain. Isabelle and Ferdinand funded the trip of a great discovery, bet you can’t guess whose it was,Christopher Columbus! Decades later this would bring great wealth to Spain. Isabelle wanted to ensure that after her reign, Spain would be peaceful, so she arranged the marriage of all five of her daughters to many different princes of other countries. They also started the inquisition, a special law. This was organized to expel all heretics, Jews, and Muslims. This lasted from the 12 century to the 18 century, and was successful in driving all Jews, Muslims, and heretics out of Spain. That is the life of Ferdinand and Isabelle.


PS: I used to sign my name as makeshift, because I did a quiz, and makeshift was my transformers equivalent! my doctor who equivalent is Rory Williams, imagine that!

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