Dialogues and Stuff!

Sup Inklings! XP. we have only one essay this week, unfortunately its English, and I don’t say unfortunately cause I don’t want to do it, but because they are always long and frankly, I GOT STUFF TO DO! hints the part of the title; “and STUFF!”. anyways……. MERRY CHRISTMAS! I know what your gonna say, ‘its not even Christmas yet blah blah blah… I GET IT! I just finished officially decorating my room for Christmas, cause I don’t have fall or thanksgiving décor, so my room is super shiny, and Walmart has started selling Christmas stuff, so that gives me an excuse to say Merry Christmas. TIS THE SEASON!

this weeks assignment is; “Which is most important in writing dialogue from memory: accuracy, succinctness, or liveliness? Why?” and this is a verry good, wait… sorry that should say very, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! This is a very good question, and below you will indeed find my answer, READ ON!

my answer to that question is, according to my experience with autobiographies, all of them, they’re all a massive key to writing from memory. when you are writing something from memory, accuracy is key, now we are not in a court room, but the stories are much more interesting when you have everything down with pen point accuracy. I understand that many people may not like short books, but you don’t want to write out every single miserable detail from your past life, no one likes a 1,200 page book, exceptions can be made for the Bible. As for liveliness….. DONT YOU WANT YOUR BOOK TO BE FUN?!?!?! you don’t have to write every brain cell down, but at least make fun and action packed! you don’t realize until it has passed, but your life is extremely interesting and I know many people would agree with me. all those biographies and autobiographies you read seem so interesting, but that is all normal, people just tend to put themselves down and acknowledge the fact that you are beautiful, you are unique, and no one can meet the massive level of amazingness and wonder in you life. write it down, speak out, make yourself known!



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