hey there inklings! this is a warning, and a notification that there will not be an essay for personal finance for 4 weeks, they are a different type of assignment, rather than an essay. but there will be other things for you to read, but I need a rest, I wrote 5 essays in the […]

Financial Advice, Part 2

This course isn’t just financial help, its economics, and today, we will be talking about time management. time is a valuable thing, and you will watch it fly by while the pendulum swings, unless of course you have good skills with time management. when you have spare time, use it wisely, fix a broken shelf, paint an unpainted […]

financial advice, part 1

hey there friends! today I will be writing part 1 of 37 essays on personal financial advice, according to my advanced economics teacher, Timothy Terrell. lets talk about how to control small expenses, and my advice is, limit them, let me explain. now, when I say small expenses, I mean things like a four dollar […]

Vivid Memories

This week in English, my assignment was to write about my most vivid and loved memory so, your wish is my command, I hope you guys like hearing, or rather, reading about my life! my most vivid memory is, well, my Gaga. Tammy Joyce Palmer was a beautiful brunette women with a personality like fire. […]

Wishful Thinking

Hey guys! and girls, cause I don’t like discrimination, or sexism! haha! Gotta’ be funny, or you won’t get as many likes and reassuring comments, and, mostly important, followers. I started school nearly a month ago, but I was reluctant, and I didn’t write my essays. So this is week three’s essay, cause’ I already […]

The Greatest Sacrifice

As the great ship sank to Davy Jones A call would rise in mankind bones Amidst the tumult heroes would rise Even though it meant their certain demise Husbands clutched wives in final hour And gave their lives for loves sweet power The men must die that others live A mighty gift they were willing […]