“A vintage collectors depot”. That’s what I called it, because, in my eyes, that’s what it was! Words cant describe this Antique Store, it was perfect, and its name met the description; “The Ramblin’ Rose”.  I’m a perfectionist, and a critique, and I also love Antique stores, and very few impress me, most are just […]

Awesome News!!

I was just nominated for the versatile blogger award by crazywolfgirl I’m so happy that you nominated me! for those of you who haven’t read her blog, go read it!

Work Ethic

this week on the literature hour, we will be discussing if “Washington’s view of the future also our view of the future?” so tell me, is it? I’m not sure if you’ve read it, but this question is pulled from “up from slavery”, by Booker T. Washington. this question addresses the fact that tis black […]

Financial Advice, part 5

what’s real people, I’m back! keepin’ that good content Disney channel, I does it for Jesus! well friends, its been a while, but I’m back and fired up, hope your year is going well, mine is! so this week we will be talking about some more boring personal finance stuff that wont be entirely helpful […]

What’s Good, People

hey friends, just wanted to let y’all know that, in case you were wondering, that I have been inactive because this Christmas season has been rough, but I should be back online here pretty soon, but I do have school break, so these posts may not be entirely educational, but I hope y’all understand!   […]

The Steel Unitom, Before the War

“It was beautiful, the golden age of Cybertron, but we let it go to are heads, and that, in itself, was the biggest mistake the council ever made, but where, or rather when did this “Golden Age” come about? Volocitron, Cybertron, and Gigantion, that is where it all started. the speed planet, the military planet, […]

Talking Experience

This week on the literature hour, I will be talking about the life changing experiences I’ve had when reading books, as well as what books those are and were. This is probably a weird topic that many wouldn’t expect, but hay, I don’t come up with the assignments, I just write them! So, a life […]

Financial Advice, Part 4

How’s it going everyone? hope your ready to read about me criticizing interest, because its coming! This week, we will be talking about why interest rates are different for different kinds of loans. Alright, now that we are over the boring part, lets get to the fun part where I get mad and vent because […]

Financial Advice, Part 3

Hey guys and gals, today we will be talking about getting fit for less. well first of all, gym memberships are a waste. there is no point in paying $80.00 a month when you could buy a simple workout kit for $45. I myself have discovered that you can build just as much muscle lifting […]