financial advice, part 1

hey there friends! today I will be writing part 1 of 37 essays on personal financial advice, according to my advanced economics teacher, Timothy Terrell.

lets talk about how to control small expenses, and my advice is, limit them, let me explain.

now, when I say small expenses, I mean things like a four dollar coffee, or buying an app, or even grabbing something small and recreational rather than important. this is where a budget comes in, because if everybody had a budget, money wouldn’t be wasted as much. why spend four dollars, every day, every week, and every month! that’s over eighty dollars a month, how preposterous! and there is no reason to be wasting money on unnecessary products. try this; get four envelopes, mark each with these names: spending, grocery, tithe(optional), and gas. here is why; I earn thirteen dollars a week, and here is what I do. I put $3.25 in each folder, and I wait four weeks before using anything, but it varies upon how much money you earn, this is just my allowance.

and as for coffee, why waste the money, MAKE YOUR OWN COFFEE!!!!! and don’t even get me started on smart phones, just buy a cheap flip phone, and wait until you really can afford it, rather then saving up, saving up is absurd, to much waste, and children shouldn’t have smart phones, 20 is the age in my opinion. hope this helps, part 2 coming soon, sooner then you may think!



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