Imprisoned Within Her Mind

“Insidious is blind inception, what’s reality with all these questions, feels like I missed my alarm and slept in. Broken legs but I chase perfection, these walls are my blank expression, my mind is a home I’m trapped in, and its lonely inside this mansion”.  -Fleurie

The quote above depicts the mind of Helen Keller, and until Anne Sullivan rescued her from a blank prison within her dead eyes. Helen fell ill when she was 19 months with either Scarlett Fever or Meningitis, it is unclear today. The doctors described it as an acute congestion of the stomach and brain, she was left abandon within her mind, deaf and blind.

She struggled to live in a happy mood, being quite angry fairly often. she couldn’t  see, she learned herself to feel around, but she couldn’t here, this  was truly a broken child. Deaf children learn sign language, but she couldn’t see, how would she learn? she became imprisoned within a glass cave of darkness, forever in the dark of night. Until the door was unlocked by a women named Anne Sullivan, a teacher of her own kind.

Anne was an orphan, and was poorly cared for, she became blind at the age of 15. years later she managed to regain her sight, but light hurt her eyes. She began teaching  Helen to use sign language, and at first, Helen was quite a pain, until the water. Anne taught Helen to say d-o-l-l, and in return, Helen was given a beautiful doll, of mighty quality, and she treated it with respect. Anne disapproved Helen being allowed to take food from other people’s plates, and she made the family leave and brought Helen to a civilized place of comfort, eating at the table, with a spoon, and folding her own napkin.

Anne discovered an old guest house, and fixed it up, begging the Kellers to let Helen stay there with her, and once they approved, Helen was taught to be like a lady, but after two weeks, it was time for Helen to go back to the big house. Strangely, when Helen realized she was home, she lost her teaching, and reverted back to her pre-Anne state, this drove Anne crazy. Helen spilled a pitcher of water, and, a burning fury, Anne dragged Helen outside, yelling back; “she will refill this pitcher!”. Helen fought back all the way to the pump, kicking and hollering, but then she felt the water. the water flowed passionately over hands, and then she understood, she was released from her prison, a young girl with a sad past was free to run in the fields of gold and glow.




3 thoughts on “Imprisoned Within Her Mind

  1. That was beautiful!! Helen Keller has always been such a great example to me! I love your title….very intriguing. Also, the ending sentence gave me goosebumps! 😉


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