Wishful Thinking

Hey guys! and girls, cause I don’t like discrimination, or sexism! haha!
Gotta’ be funny, or you won’t get as many likes and reassuring comments, and, mostly important, followers.

I started school nearly a month ago, but I was reluctant, and I didn’t write my essays. So this is week three’s essay, cause’ I already wrote week two’s, and week one didn’t have an essay. the book we read was an autobiography called “A Bus Of My Own”, by Jim Lehrer, and about 10 or so chapters into the book, Jim had a heart attack, and he survived. he was a PBS news hour newscaster, and he still is. lets continue, the assignment was to discuss the good results of his heart attack, let us begin.
after his heart attack, Jim set some new goals, including a diet of better choosing, some activities to keep in shape, and a few other minor adjustments to his lifestyle. this was like a new years resolution that for once, someone actually adhered to. first, he put afternoon naps into play, taking a one hour nap every day, just after lunch. this seemed to effect him well, no anxiety, and he got rest when he needed it.

he then began eating better, only eating out on certain occasions. this provided internal health, keeping Jim in a state of cleanliness within. over time, Jim began to sustain more and more strength, becoming stronger health-wise, and he became stronger in his heart.

finally, he started to travel, clearing his mind, and collecting bus memorabilia. this traveling ended up led him to buying a bus, bringing in to play, the title of the book. this is the conclusion of my essay!


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