A Hidden Failure

I really think that this provides a view for those who agree with this theory

The Inklings

Hey guys! this post has been terminated, but I have rewritten it, according to new data that puts the facts into place.

On March 31st, 1909, the construction of the world’s largest ship began, with a future of strange decisions. On a night in September, 1906, the president of the white star line and the owner of the Harland and Wolfe shipyard, builder of every white star liner, sat at a dinner table devising a plan to steal the fame from Cunard line’s Mauritania, the current largest ship in the world. The plans were drawn to build three ships, the Olympic, the Titanic, and the Gigantic. The Gigantic would be larger than the two others, but the titanic was slightly larger than the Olympic. The Olympic was the first of its family to be built and finished, and from the very beginning, the RMS Olympic was a mishap magnet. First, there was a fire in the…

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