The Life of a Homeschooler *By Me

My name is Ezekiel Christopher Champney, son of Alison Renee Champney, and Clifford roger Champney. I was born on march 21, 2003, at 7:00 pm, at a hospital in the city of lake Jackson, in Texas. I can remember when I was very young, 1 or 2, the toys I had, and the room I played in. I had a toy phone with a mirror and something inside it that rattled, I also had a blue bear with a handle for a body. my room was white, with pictures of airplanes on the wall. after that, nothing until my third birthday, at the Chuck E Cheese in the lake Jackson mall. I had a Thomas the train cake, with a four piece puzzle track, and a wind-up Thomas. but these are just memories, this is an autobiography, this needs more energy.

my assignment for week 6 of English was to explain the three points that an autobiography needs to be complete. so, I plan to do so, and give examples, so pay attention! what I wrote above was an example of a bland autobiography, someone simply scribbling down words and thoughts, rather than putting effort into it. an autobiography is more than just an account of said person’s memories, but an illustration of there life, from a birds eye view. I am only 13, so it is really far to early to write an autobiography, because there wouldn’t be much to write, unless you want your life to be a book series, but I’m not sure anyone really does that. an autobiography needs texture, and sustenance, not a bunch of words on a page, you could be saying lots of things, but never really be saying anything. so, keep this in mind, and go on reading this post, but if you don’t put effort into what you write, no one will read your work. illustration, not words.

point number one; an autobiography needs humor. I could have chose anything to fill that post, but everyone likes a funny book, and if you’ve had a funny life, then it all adds up. that was just a joke, the point is thought. a book always needs thought, but many people these days don’t really put any thought into anything. when I say thought, I mean really sitting down and coordinating what your writing, and where your writing it. for instance, when your writing something, it shouldn’t take you 10 minutes or a few days, it should take an hour, or a few months, I’m talking about taking your time.

the second point is; explanation. people these days write autobiographies that have points, crucial moments in life that they note, and they will use metaphors in their books to add more effect, but some, and most people these days don’t understand the metaphors unless you explain them. read Jim Lehrer’s “a bus of my own”, and you will understand, he uses metaphors and silly riddles all the time, but he explains them.

finally, last but not least, we have point three, and that is pearls. here is what I mean, pearls are small bits of information that people pass down to the youth to help them in life, and to help them to learn from their mistakes. for instance, my grandfather always has some little thing to say about every situation in life, because he has experience. if you are writing an autobiography, that means you have lived your life, and you want to share it with others so that they can learn and take heed from your life skills and the things that you have learned over time, which is why every autobiography needs pearls.

In conclusion, let me just say that I could go on and on about these things, but in my opinion, those written above are the most important points an autobiography needs to be truly good. please, let me know what you thought, and tell me if I left anything out! I will return next week for that essay.








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