A Night to Remember

On April 11, 1912, an olympic class cruise liner set sail on its maiden voyage,
Unbeknownst to its tragic future. This ship was none other than the R.M.S
TITANIC. It was the largest floating ocean liner of its time, and still to this day remains the most famous of them all. At the time it had one sister, the R.M.S. Olympic, her sister was designed mostly identical to her, though it had a better future, and looked somewhat different. Titanic had 2207 passengers including crew, and it had 8 boiler rooms. The 3rd class passengers outnumbered the 1st and 2nd class, and also were the most counted that died on the ship. Just 4 days into the voyage,at 11:42pm, the crows nest spotted a large shadow off in the distance, the legendary iceberg that sank the R.M.S. Titanic. The captain ordered the ship turn to the left. They succeeded in turning the great ship, but hit the iceberg, and opened 227 feet of the ship to the sea. Immediately the icy water crept onto the great ship, the watertight doors were shut and locked, but the water broke them down. Within 42 minutes, the bow was under water. The stern of the ship was know clearly visible to the eye. This caused a great amount of panic. People began jumping off the stern, and being shredded by the propellers. The ship began sending distress signals to nearby ships, and launching flares, but it was too late. The stern was pointing at the cold dark sky. The stress on the on the cabins with the heavy stern lifting into the air collapsed the decks, and snapped the Titanic in half. This set the stern on an almost even keel over the icy water. The bow, barely still attached dragged the stern down, creating a screech that would literally crush the brain of of anyone still inside the ship. As the stern sank, bodies and lifeboats were sucked under water. The screams of the freezing and dying people was the most horrific sound that anyone could ever experience. Within an hour, the sea was silent, and at least 1,507 lives were lost. There were only 700 survivors. The most significant survivors were margrate brown, and G.H lightholler. At 3:32 am, the s.s Carpathia arrived to rescue the survivors, and to collect the bodies of the dead passengers. The bodies were later sent to hallifax for identification.

And interesting bit of trivia, 14 years before the Titanic sank, a book was written called futility, also known as wreck of the titan. This was about a cruise liner called the s.s. Titan that sank after colliding with an iceberg. The ship was depicted very similar to the R.M.S TITANIC. Coincidence! In 2018, the S.S. TITANIC II will set sail on its maiden voyage. Who knows, maybe it’ll hit an iceberg! I hope you guys enjoy this essay! If you have any requests for a writing assignment, let me know!




9 thoughts on “A Night to Remember

  1. Great job on this essay! It seems that you got every detail! I hope you don’t mind if I mention a few interesting tid-bits that I learned from a documentary. (Please don’t take it as an insult, this is a great essay, and I just wanted to mention a little bit more)
    Captain Edward Smith died when the ship sank. He could have avoided the iceberg, but he slowed down before he made the turn, causing the ship to turn slower and hit the iceberg.
    There was also a second ship in view of the distress signal being sent in Morse code, but the cold water of the Labrador current and the warm air of the Atlantic caused a mirage which scrambled the message.

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    1. I knew these things, but I didn’t want to talk about details, this was how it sank, not the captain’s actions. But thanks, cause if I didn’t know that, I would have been able to edit it. Thanks for the comment and feel free to follow me, and please recommend me to your friends, I need more followers! Also, not to sound creepy, but how old are you, cause I’m 13 and im trying to get to know everyone on the sight, also if you don’t know about it, you should check out khan academy. It’s a great math source for mastering mathematics, and its free. I’m supposed to be promoting it


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    2. Just to let you know, the Atlantic Ocean is one of the most coldest oceans, and you said the warm water caused a mirage. The people who didn’t survive died because of the icy water. They froze to death. What was the documentary called that you watched?


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      1. I said cold water of the Labrador current, and warm air of the Atlantic. Just before the warm gulf steam was flowing through the area, making the air warm.


  2. I’m really 12, but I’ll be 13 in 17 days! I just say I’m 13 cause I’m really close to being 13. Oh, and thank you for your compliment, I’ve been reading good literature since I was little. I read things like to kill a mockingbird. I love the story of the Titanic, I’ve been studying it for years. It’s my biggest obsession next to Doctor Who and Transformers.



    1. I love Doctor Who too! Who is your favorite doctor? Mine are Tom Baker, Peter Capaldi, Mat Smith, and David Tennant.


      1. I could tell, cause your icon is the Tardis! David and Matt are my favorite, David for his cocky attitude and upside down personality, he’s just like me! And Matt for his sonic screwdriver, I love it! And for his accent! Matt is actually British, but David is scottish, like Amy, and he makes being a genius hilarious, but he’s also really good at being smart. I.E., the almost people, thats my favorite 11th doctor episode. Peter is, in my opinion, a bit to mean. And Tom Baker is hilarious!



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