A war that we should have ignored, part 2

imageMy essay assignment was to write about the causes of the Great War(ww1), but I want write about what entered the americans into the war. Now, there are many theories about this, including it being the fault of Woodrow Willson, but I stick to one theory that makes a great assumption. This is none other than the the sinking of the American/British passenger liner “RMS LUSITANIA”, one of the sisters of the Titanic. She had left port just 6 days before, and was 273 miles off the coast of Ireland, when she was struck by a german torpedo. But lets look into this with a little more detail. The British had ordered the great ship to slow from 22 knots to 14 knots. This struck out to rich, famous, and playboy American Archibald Vanderbuilt, who made a bit of a fuss about it, but the intention of the British was to attract the german u-boats, and we mustn’t forget that this ship had 1,326 Americans aboard, which meant that there was more Americans than British people. The British military new that if the Americans joined them, they would outnumber the germans, and destroy them. This is why many people think that the Lusitania was allowed to sink. The captain was not aware of the plan, he was just following orders. On May 7, the lusitania sail slowly through the Atlantic ocean, unbeknownst to the u-boat; u-20 following her. At 12:23 PM she was struck with a torpedo that damaged her bow. This immediately terrified passengers, which caused a great fuss. She sank just 18 minutes later, taking 1,989 passengers with her. Most being Americans. Notable deaths were Archibald Vanderbuilt, Edmund hubert, and Avis Dolphina. This was a great tragedy. And by far one of the most sad movies I’ve ever seen, it was a documentary, but it was very dramatic. I is puzzling how she sank so quickly, by the hand of one torpedo, but many believe that the secret munitions on the ship ignited when the torpedo hit, I agree with this theory. This tragedy caused an outbreak over the Americans, this is how I think they entered the war


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