Work Ethic

this week on the literature hour, we will be discussing if “Washington’s view of the future also our view of the future?” so tell me, is it? I’m not sure if you’ve read it, but this question is pulled from “up from slavery”, by Booker T. Washington. this question addresses the fact that tis black man spent 24 years doing everything he could to raise up the Tuskegee institute. he started with 5 acres, then 300, than 3400, this was phenomenal, especially considering he was a black man in the 18-1900. he was unsuccessful, until checks began to arrive, soon, he was speaking at famous schools, and standing in the big leagues. this man had an amazing work ethic, because he wasn’t focusing on the work, but what the work would bring, are you that powerful? can you tolerate anything, just to further something like black education? are you? I think that Washington’s idea of leadership was get it done, behold the future, he was a slave as a child, and just imagine what that did to him, he was forced to do labor in the fields as a boy, and if he didn’t do it right, he was beat, so now, he is not only a genius, but an amazing worker. he built the Tuskegee institute from the ground up, literally. do you look to the future with welcoming eyes like he did? ask yourself that, can you work your way through this life and beat the future? believe you can accomplish something, and do it, good luck.



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