Talking Experience

This week on the literature hour, I will be talking about the life changing experiences I’ve had when reading books, as well as what books those are and were. This is probably a weird topic that many wouldn’t expect, but hay, I don’t come up with the assignments, I just write them!

So, a life changing reading experience, huh? well, I’ll do my best! id have to say it was when I read the Will Northaway series, by Susan Olasky. This was a passionate book about a homeless boy from England, that managed to get aboard a ship to Boston. Will was reckless and didn’t really care for the consequence. in a series of 5 books, he became an apprentice to a news firm, mind you, this book is based in the time when America was still fighting for freedom from England. As I was saying, he became an apprentice at a news firm, eventually owning it, and then came the war, where he fought through many battles, until. he dropped out to help the family of a poor widow being harassed by English soldiers, eventually getting into trouble with them. but the first two books were just a display of a young boy who, without a care in the world, took care of himself, being a perfect pic-pocket, like myself! hehe. Even though he was homeless, he still brought himself up to being an apprentice at a fairly rich firm. that mindset of pure… broadness, to be able to accomplish so much, with such a reckless mindset, I mean, I’m an writer, and I consider myself an author, but I can imagine myself in his shoes, being able to take care of myself with these skills at tiger-like agility and diligence, I could go on and on!

I hope you guys enjoyed this, it has been quite short, we will be starting a new autobiography next week, called “Up from Slavery”, by Booker t. Washington. Please comment and tell me what you thought, and let me know if you have any writing request! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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