“A vintage collectors depot”. That’s what I called it, because, in my eyes, that’s what it was! Words cant describe this Antique Store, it was perfect, and its name met the description; “The Ramblin’ Rose”.  I’m a perfectionist, and a critique, and I also love Antique stores, and very few impress me, most are just piles of junk that look nice, but aren’t as nice as they seem, this one- it was perfection at its finest hour. I don’t typically bye anything at Antique stores, because its all over-priced, for no reason, but at the ‘Rose’. I found Rubio. A small hand-carved, hand-painted Hispanic cat, with a face of knowledge, and past. We weren’t sure how old he was, but from what we knew, he was near 20-50 years old maybe, far older than he looked. I fell in love with him instantly, and I bought for a whole lot less than he was worth, $10.00 hardly seems customary for Rubio, he is worth at least $80.00. This store had everything from music records to old gumball machines, and I loved it. Walking in, I was met by Walter, Chloe, and Jonny Cash, three very sweet dogs, one to much so. Miss Romelle, the establishment’s humble leader, was the sweetest women I have ever met, and probably ever will meet. she was kind, and she really knew how to hold an Antiques store. Her claim to fame was that she had met Elvis, and he told her she was beautiful, ELVIS!! IMAGINE THAT!!! And he was right, she was beautiful, and she had wonderful taste in everything. This was truly quite the experience for me, I hope to go again soon, here is an image of Rubio


I’m so happy to have him!


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