Financial Advice, Part 4

How’s it going everyone? hope your ready to read about me criticizing interest, because its coming! This week, we will be talking about why interest rates are different for different kinds of loans.

Alright, now that we are over the boring part, lets get to the fun part where I get mad and vent because interest is lame and unethical, as well as unbiblical! And all these crazy banks make us pay a lot more than what we were loaned! OK, get it together, alright, lets do this. as I’m typing my word log currently says 10 words, haha!

From what I know, interest rates are different depending on their type of loan because, if you ask for one loan, you have to pay a certain amount in interest, but its different with different loan amounts, but I’m no professional. Its made this way so that banks can steel money from you to give to the government, for no good reason except self-righteous greed! thank you very much for reading this, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!            




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