Financial Advice, Part 3

Hey guys and gals, today we will be talking about getting fit for less. well first of all, gym memberships are a waste. there is no point in paying $80.00 a month when you could buy a simple workout kit for $45. I myself have discovered that you can build just as much muscle lifting cheap weights, as with working out at an expensive membership at a crappy gym with mean people and cruddy energy smoothies!!

The paragraph above really sums up the object of this essay, but wait, there’s more. you can work out at your house, with cheap equipment that’s got good reviews. see what I did there? if you have the income, you can pay for a membership, or you can work for people in your neighborhood, power wash someone’s driveway, mow there lawn etc.

These have been ways to get fit for less, hope you enjoyed!


One thought on “Financial Advice, Part 3

  1. You are right, you do not need to go to the gym to get a good workout in. I use awesome excersize videos that are doing a good job! đź‘Ť


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