The Steel Unitom, Before the War

“It was beautiful, the golden age of Cybertron, but we let it go to are heads, and that, in itself, was the biggest mistake the council ever made, but where, or rather when did this “Golden Age” come about?

Volocitron, Cybertron, and Gigantion, that is where it all started. the speed planet, the military planet, and the giant planet, can you guess which one was the first transformers planet? Gigantion was a massive factory, taken by the Quintessons, a strange race, driven out by the Cybertronian military they made. in the beginning, there was one creator, and two creations, Adam and Eve weren’t alone. God created Primus, the incarnation of creation, and Unicron, the incarnation of destruction, each forming the core of their own planet. Primus became the core of Cybertron, creating the Quintessons, and Unicron supported his own mirror version of Cybertron, taking the Quintessons under his wing, turning them against Primus.

Primus himself was completely deactivated, and the three planets he created became factories, where the Quintessons began building robots that could transform into vehicles. there were four classes of transformers; racers, for entertainment, gladiators, for entertainment as well, there were giants that were used for defensive bases, and workhouse-bots, built for the factory work.

A young work bot named Alpha Beta started a rebellion, revolting against the Quintessons, eventually convincing the entire Unitom to revolt, and the Quintessons fled, and all was at peace. the military bots, known as Decepticons, ran on a different kind of fuel, called synthetic energon. this fuel was bot-made, and only the Quintessons knew how to make it, thus, the Decepticons died off, but it wasn’t entirely the end of their kind. Together, the three planets worked to redesign the planets into homely, family-friendly planets, thus creating “The Steel Unitom”.

One day, thousands of years later, everything on Cybertron changed, with the spotting of flying robots. the Gladiatorial bots were the only ones capable of flying, which made it a whole lot more complicated. A young “Autobot” named Orion Pax was working in an energon refinery, when some of those “flying robots” showed up, playing friendly, Orion was unaware of their true plans. The very moment that Orion mentioned the energon, The flying robot, calling himself Megatronus, and all his men attacked, killing Orion, and his co-workers. an unrecognized group of robots claiming to be Autobots carried Orion and his friends to an old bot named Alpha Trion, who in return rebuilt Orion into Optimus Prime. this was the beginning of the first Great Cyber-War.




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